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Oil gift boxes

Do you want to make a special gift? The Agricola Locci oil gift box is the right choice. A gesture that will be appreciated by lovers of good food.

Extra virgin olive oil, the good and cold-pressed one, has always been coveted by the majority of people who want to bring a quality product to the table.

Our Umbrian oil is one of the best you can give away and its proven quality has also been awarded by Gambero Rosso. A gift to offer to all those you love and carry in your heart.

The oil is also an excellent gift to promote the well-being of the body. Its nutritional properties are a cure-all and will certainly be appreciated by your loved ones.

Oil gift packs for any occasion

Our gift oil packs are perfect for any occasion such as:

  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Easter
  • Anniversary
  • Marriage

Or simply as an original gift to take to dinner at friends and relatives' homes where you can share the pleasure of the table with them.

Packs and oil gift box

Agricola Locci has thought of three types of packages or gift boxes to meet different needs:

  1. A kit consisting of 3 bottles of 100 ml of our best oils. In this way you will be able to taste 3 types of oils with different perfumes and aromas.

  2. If you prefer monocultivar oil, the top monocultivar oil gift box is the one for you. Consisting of 2 bottles of 500 ml of San Felice and Moraiolo oil.

  3. Do you want to make a luxury gift? Choose the oil in a Deluxe gift box. Not only fine oil but also the best Umbrian wines, legumes and flour. The icing on the cake in the gift box you will also find the famous tozzetti al Sagrantino.