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Extra virgin olive oil

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil offered by the Locci farm succeeds in satisfying high standards and in becoming an authentic excellence both in the Umbria region and nationally. When you are about to add a condiment to a certain dish, you need to know how to move so that every food can be embellished properly.

The best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Umbro guarantees a series of truly amazing properties, able to guarantee tangible benefits for the whole organism. Let's discover together the characteristics of such a product, with the possibility of using it to its full potential.

How to recognize a real Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Azienda Agricola Locci offers its wide range of users an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of certified quality. From the first moment, it is possible to notice a really delicious taste, with the chance to embellish every type of dish with a few simple touches of pure culinary class.

Let's first take a look at the regulatory discourse. An Evo oil can be considered extra virgin olive oil if it meets a set of well-defined quality standards. First of all, it must be extracted with mechanical methods in an exclusive manner, without any chemical additives and without further details. Its overall acidity, that is its concentration of free fatty acids, must never exceed 0.8%. This parameter is one of the most important for determining the quality of the oil.

However, an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that can fully satisfy the requirements requested and proposed by Agricola Locci must have three prerogatives thanks to which it must be clearly recognizable. Here is what they are.

  • Fluidity can make you immediately understand the nutritional properties of olive oil. It is not a fundamental characteristic like others, but its value must be medium-low in order for an oil to be of quality. For its careful verification, simply pour a couple of teaspoons into a glass and shake it. If an oil is too fluid, it means that it has a high concentration of unsaturated fats and cannot be considered extra virgin.
  • The smell is perhaps an even more immediate aspect to recognize than the fluidity. Its smell must be identical to that of fresh olives, with a slight aroma of freshly cut grass, almonds, apples, artichokes or ripe tomatoes. Also in this case, it is necessary to take two teaspoons of oil and pour them into a small glass, to then lead them to the nose and inhale them a couple of times. It is necessary to continue until the olfactory properties of the product are fully understood.
  • The taste corresponds to an extremely rapid and immediate test. In fact, the palate is probably the most sensitive element among those mentioned, even if the taste buds are used properly. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil with all its trappings must be slightly bitter and a little spicy, with the ability to pinch the throat. All this happens thanks to a series of natural antioxidants, essential for the prolonged oil yield and for the youthful state of the human organism.

The essential properties of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A good Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Umbria has a series of essential properties within it, thanks to which it succeeds in assuming its typical strong taste. Simply squeeze the olives to get the desired results and add an excellent quality oil to your dishes. Among the many elements that distinguish the Evo Oil proposed by Agricola Locci, four have a predominant influence over the others.

  • Let's start with monounsaturated fatty acids, which guarantee olive oil an almost perfect balance in its internal fat concentration. These substances prevent cardiovascular disorders, as well as reducing the possible risks of strokes, heart attacks, arterial lesions, thrombosis and coronary heart disease. With these prerogatives, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil withstands its full potential for a long period of time and never becomes acid, even in the case of very high temperatures. Not surprisingly, it is the only condiment used for weaning babies.
  • The second element thanks to which this type of oil maintains its effectiveness corresponds to the polyphenols. In this circumstance, we are dealing with natural antioxidant elements that protect both fats in unfavorable conditions and those found in watery areas of human cells. With a spicy and bitter taste, they guarantee greater integrity to cell membranes and defend the body from tumors, as well as counteracting the signs of aging and memory loss.
  • A good olive oil must be a natural source of vitamin E. Also known as the beauty vitamin, it protects the oxidizable fats from the action of free radicals. Vitamin E is present in the oil even in excessive amounts and is able to strengthen the capillary walls, in addition to protecting from thrombosis. To all this we must add its ability to guarantee maximum regularity to both male and female sex hormones.
  • Finally, we must not forget his ability to contain squalene. This substance is able to prevent skin tumors and guarantees a high degree of almost immediate efficacy against various problems for the human body.

EVO oil, the best of national production and more

The most important guide in the world regarding the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, namely Flos Olei, has ruled that the best oil of the year 2018 at international level was an Umbrian oil. A truly extraordinary result for a region that has always shown that it focuses on a product that is inevitable in our tables, with quality that is widely certified. All this happens because its cultivation is carried out following a series of universally respected steps, by virtue of an organization that is cared for and refined in every detail.

These prerogatives do nothing but show how much the EVO Oil put up for sale in the catalog of Agricola Locci's Umbrian Oil is to be considered an authentic excellence from every point of view. We offer only oils of certified quality and we continue to put ourselves on the line, offering the best extra virgin olive oil to a vast clientele. In this way, we confirm ourselves as authentic leaders of an important sector for Italian culinary production.