The passion we feed for our land and the perseverance and professionalism with which we hold on to our work can certainly not be lacking in the packaging and consegutive shipment phase.

Our deliveries are fast, safe and guaranteed and that's why:

  • - we use guaranteed top quality packaging, thanks to the use of shockproof polystyrene cellars with the addition of bubble wrap on each bottle to limit vibrations and protect each bottle individually.
  • - our wine cellars contain up to 6 bottles and are sealed using the Agricola Locci warranty log.
  • - the number of shipment packages is determined for multiple units of 6.
  • - all the other products, not bottled, are shipped in cardboard safety wraps or in nylon bags always protected with bubble wrap to protect against shocks and vibrations.
  • - each consignment will be assigned and communicated a unique tracking code for reference Courier, so as to be able to determine at any time the status of the shipment.

We offer a free shipping for a minimum amount of € 79 given the quality of the packaging. In the event that the amount of the cart is lower, the cost of shipping is to the mimino for the recovery of the costs of packaging and shipping.

To keep up the quality of our shipping service we have thought of several solutions to offer even higher performance:

  • - purchase on the site and pick up at our Montefalco store
  • - purchase in our agreed point of sale and shipping