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Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP

Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP is without a shadow of a doubt an authentic flagship of the vast production guaranteed by the Locci Agricultural Company. A product of this kind must meet a series of requirements in order to offer the maximum of its potential. Our catalog offers its customers a vast assortment and all we have to do is choose the most interesting proposal at more than contained prices.

In the following lines, we will discover together everything there is to know about the Oil Evo DOP, with its properties and the reasons why it is so suitable for every occasion. With these prerogatives, it is possible to find the most suitable product for your specific needs, with the chance to give a new flavor to every type of dish.

What literally means DOP

Before discovering what are the main features related to DOP type Umbro Oil, it is necessary to know with a certain precision what an abbreviation of this kind means. Without acquiring such an awareness, it would not be possible to move forward in the evaluation linked to a possible purchase.

Going into details, the acronym DOP is simply the initials of Protected Designation of Origin and corresponds to a quality mark that is directly linked to different types of food products. Among these, obviously our Extra Virgin Olive Oils play a leading role, capable of capturing the attention of an increasingly wider and variegated public thanks to an exceptional quality.

Each product that succeeds in obtaining the prestigious DOP certification can be considered original and impossible to imitate. At the same time, it is protected from possible attempts at counterfeiting at European level. Since 1992, this mark has been inserted by the European Community and attributed following a series of very precise parameters, which must be absolutely respected.

What is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP

Those who choose to buy the Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP do so with the aim of satisfying a set of requirements that must always be taken into consideration. Going into details, in such cases the entire production cycle must necessarily follow a specific procedure, without any kind of modification to be made.

From the raw material to the creation and production of the food, every single step must be performed within a specific geographical area. Furthermore, no reproduction can be made in other places. The main objective to be achieved successfully is to keep the uniqueness of the product intact, both from a natural point of view and from a human point of view.

What are the two essential conditions for an Oil Evo DOP

When a company expresses the firm intention of creating an Oil Evo DOP, the latter must necessarily satisfy two fundamental conditions without which it could not be considered as such. According to what is attested by Article 2 of EEC Regulation 2081/92, the oil to become part of the Protected Designation of Origin must be fully compliant with well-defined standards. Here they are below.

  • First of all, the qualities and characteristics of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP must be dictated by the place where it was made. It must therefore be a true symbol of its territory, a genuine distinctive trait to be proudly carried around the world. The human aspect is also taken into serious consideration at the time of such an assessment, in addition to the tools used, the skills of the producers, the working techniques and the time spent.
  • Secondly, everything related to the production of raw materials and all subsequent processing must be carried out within the region of origin with which the Umbria oil is identified. A DOP product can be traceable, ie characterized by a guarantee that certifies the logistic origins of both the actual oil and the raw materials processed at a later time.

As we can see, we are talking about two essential and essential requirements. Each olive grower is required to abide by these universal rules, following a very precise production path and moving with the greatest possible attention.

What a manufacturer has to do to obtain the DOP certification

At this point, there is nothing left to do but to find out, in principle, how an oil producer must move to allow the latter to obtain the long-awaited DOP certification. Here are the two steps that must be carried out by each olive grower who expresses his intention to make his product a real brand of regional and national interest.

  • The first operation to be performed is to follow a production specification. Every single step must be studied in detail. It begins with the cultivation and continues with the collection of the oil, without then leaving the processing and packaging in the background.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to check a certification body, which keeps an eye on full compliance with the product specification and monitors it step by step. Such a reality must necessarily be recognized by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies.

What is the difference between DOP Oil and IGP Oil

The last aspect to keep an eye on for the search for the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP has to do with the differences of this particular certification with the IGP one. This last term corresponds to the acronym of Protected Geographical Indication and is a further quality mark that is assigned to food products when they are connected to a specific geographical area only in a passage of the production process. This is unlike the DOP, which instead requires the whole procedure to be well identified with a territory. Not surprisingly, very often the latter is reported within the product name.

However, we at Agricola Locci make available to our loyal public a Umbrian Oil with a DOP certification of a largely safe and guaranteed quality. Our range is extremely wide and varied and we are happy to offer a long series of oils with an intoxicating taste and lasting yield. We follow all the standards dictated by the European Union and we include in our catalog leading products at regional and national level, continuing to work in search of the highest quality.