Sette Feudi in a bottle
  • Sette Feudi in a bottle
sette feudi in a bottle of 250 ml
  • sette feudi in a bottle of 250 ml

Sette Feudi in a bottle

Extra virgin olive oil in the bottle. I sette feudi is made by carefully selected olives, hand-picked at the correct degree of ripeness. The particular nature of the terrain coupled with our varieties of olives confer an elegant aroma to this oil. 

Bottle Format.

Data sheet

Harvest location
Giano dell’Umbria- Bevagna (PG)
Average altitude
400 m above mean sea level
Harvesting system
Harvest period
Extraction process
continuous cycle
Olive varieties
Moraiolo (50%) Frantoio (20%) Leccino (20%) San Felice (10%)
green with soft golden hues
Bottle Format

I setti feudi

Olio Extravergine di Oliva i Sette Feudi

I sette feudi is 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained by selected olives, harvested by hand at the correct degree of ripeness in November. 

The production process keeps the organoleptic and healthy properties of the olives intact. The fruit is in fact pressed within 12 hours from the time of harvest, rigorously at a low temperature. 

Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and San Felice varieties characterise this amazing olive oil and give this blend a unique balance. 

Its aroma is fine and elegant with aromatic herbal notes and its taste is bitter and pungent. 

Healthy properties

Polyphenols are essential ingredients in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The high level of polyphenols is indicated by the typical bitter and pungent taste of this oil. 

A very important chemical compound for our health, polyphenols are:

  • antioxidant, combating the “free radicals” of our organism and thereby helping prevent tumours and other illnesses.
  • educe bad cholesterol and the risk of heart attacks.
  • can control the immune system and especially the inflammatory processes associated with it.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, especially Oleic Acid, which is considered the “guardian” of arteries because it binds with cholesterol and disperses it in the blood. 

It should be noted that Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains no cholesterol. Oleic Acid in fact reduces bad cholesterol levels whilst increasing beneficial cholesterol levels. 

Data sheet:

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 ml:

Energy: 3389KJ - 824Kcal; Fat: 92g, of which saturated: 14g; Carbohydrates: 0g; of which sugars: 0g; Proteins: 0g; Salt: 0g; Vitamin E: 15mg.

Keep away from sources of light and heat.

Oil Produced and bottled at: Agricola Locci - Via Case Basse 55, 06030 Giano dell'Umbria (PG) ITALY

Olio Extravergine di Oliva Proprietà Salutari

Culinary tips

Culinary tips

Toasted bread, legumes soups and cereals intensify the aroma and flavour of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Ideal on game dishes and grilled vegetables, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also excellent in the preparation of sauces, sautéed creamy pasta dishes and pot-cooked rice.

The bottle format, with its elegant design, is perfect to enrich and embellish your table.

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