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Umbrian Oil

The Umbro Oil is undoubtedly one of the real jewels of the vast production guaranteed by the Locci Agricultural Company. The latter has its headquarters in Giano dell'Umbria and puts at your disposal a truly extraordinary range of products, in which you are spoiled for choice. Discover with us the characteristics of our Umbro Oil, with the chance for you to find the type that can give an inebriating taste to every kind of dish you make.

The strengths of Umbro Oil

Our Umbrian extra virgin olive oil is very appreciated by the public because it hides a series of organoleptic properties able to immerse the palate in a truly unique sensation. Umbria has always been a region at the forefront of oil production. Not by chance, the olive tree is considered as one of the authentic symbols of a territory rich in fertile soils within which it is possible to cultivate products with guaranteed quality.

With these prerogatives, Agricola Locci manages to operate according to well-defined standards and offers you evo oil with a surprising taste, with which you can season your every dish in complete freedom. We are talking about an oil with a fruity aftertaste and a very intense and decisive character, with the chance to select the sensory profile that can best suit your needs.

There is nothing left to do but to discover the strengths of our Umbrian Oil, with the prospect of finding the perfect solution for every type of culinary need. Compare our many proposals and choose what you think can do for you.

The three sub-categories of Umbrian Oil

The Umbro Oil proposed by the Locci Agricultural Company is divided into three main categories, each of which presents a series of strengths to be taken into consideration at the time of their possible purchase. We are talking about:

Obviously, we have only described to you in broad terms the prerogatives of the main varieties of our oils, but you have the chance to get to know them thoroughly by taking a look at the following directives, or more simply by welcoming them into your homes and trying them out at meals all by to remember.

Extra virgin olive oil

We obviously start from the classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which populates our tables and is characterized by a well-defined taste. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Umbria focuses on a slight bitter and spicy aftertaste that makes it even more exclusive and personal. Over the years, this product has become a trademark not only in the limited context of oils, but also and above all in the entire Italian culinary tradition.

It is thanks to this variety that Umbria has succeeded in taking a leading role in the production of a condiment so much appreciated even outside Italy's borders. This work began even in the early 1900s, with the ability to create oils with sensory profiles capable of leaving every consumer literally speechless. So you can choose the best olive oil according to your personal tastes, with the prospect of having the flavor you are looking for on your table without having to endure too much effort.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP

One of the absolute strengths of the wide range of products distributed by Agricola Locci is undoubtedly represented by the ability to cultivate a PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil of certified quality. We take care of every aspect down to the last detail and provide you with a unique, inimitable proposal of its kind.

The Umbrian region was the first nationally to be able to take advantage of the DOP certification for its own types of oils. Here are the five geographical areas within which DOP Olive Oil is produced with the prospect of using a condiment with a safe and guaranteed quality.

  • The Martani Hills, known for the San Felice variety, produce an excellent DOP which is the result of an oil mix typical of the Umbrian hills. The prevalent variety of this blend is the moraiolo which makes this Umbro Extra Virgin Olive Oil perfect. Fairly intense fruitiness and aftertaste with a vague almond flavor and cut grass.
  • The Colli del Trasimeno contain not very pronounced fruity oils, with a high concentration of frantoio and leccino.
  • The Orvieto Hills focus on a prevalence of the leccino variety on the mill and are located between Marsciano and Città della Pieve.
  • The Amerini Hills differ from the previous ones thanks to a high concentration of the raio, with the ability to give life to a versatile and enveloping oil.
  • The Colli Assisi Spoleto allow the cultivation of spicy oils, with an aftertaste similar to freshly cut grass.

Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The last of the three sub-categories of Umbro Oil that we at Agricola Locci suggest is the one related to the production of Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We are talking about oils that are characterized by the use of a single variety that is not mixed with other flavors. Their personality is very strong, able to highlight the territory in which they are grown.

These Extra Virgin Olive Oils are rather rare to find, since most of these products are characterized by a mix of different flavors. An oil of this kind is considered extremely rare and prized by connoisseurs of this kind, able to embellish any dish thanks to a strong and well defined touch.

With these prerogatives, all you have to do is choose from the catalog of Agricola Locci the olive oil that can fully satisfy your preferences.