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At Agricola Locci we offer a wide range of flours thanks to which you can create entrancing dishes. Among these, type 1 soft wheat flour can give you a series of very interesting properties. Discover them with us in the following lines, obtaining more than satisfactory results in return.

How common wheat flours are classified

Before discovering the strengths of type 1 with us, remember that there are several types of flour available on the market. Here they are:

  • 00 flour is the most refined and contains only starch and few proteins, without any trace of bran rich in fiber and vitamins;
  • 0 flour is less refined than the previous one but still contains few nutrients;
  • Type 1 flour has a high quantity of bran and wheat germs, containing numerous nutrients;
  • Type 2 flour is characterized by large granules and is easily workable, as well as rather similar to whole wheat flour;
  • Whole Wheat Flour contains each grain in every component, from bran to starch through the germ, and guarantees excellent nutritional properties.

As is the type 1 soft wheat flour

The Agricola Locci catalog offers you Type 1 soft wheat flour of widely certified quality. This type is characterized by a sequence of highly friable grains, which arise from the grinding of the grain itself. Its consistency is very fine and is perfect for making a high quality bread, as well as having a very recognizable and high level flavor.

Our flour also contains wheat germ and is characterized by a taste that is easily recognizable from the first taste. You can appreciate it for a high degree of ductility, with unique and perfect organoleptic properties for every kind of dish. If you want granules that are a bit wider but have an almost unaltered flavor, you can still opt for the type 2 soft wheat flour, which in turn can satisfy a series of needs that can give that extra touch of style to your every meal.

How the type 1 flour made in Umbria is made

The type 1 soft wheat flour that is grown in our beloved Umbria is able to satisfy a series of standards that make it truly unique and inimitable at all levels. If you want to carry out a healthy and balanced diet, you must seriously consider buying the flour from our catalog in order to fully appreciate its undoubted organoleptic qualities.

The Umbrian flour that Agricola Locci puts at your complete disposal always knows how to surprise you. The water is totally absorbed by the initial mixture, so that you can feel sensations that are truly all to remember. It is thanks to these prerogatives that our type 1 flour is among the most appreciated in all of Italy and continues to be a great success.