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Sauces and condiments: the excellence of Umbria at the table

Our portal intends to bring a piece of Umbria to kitchens throughout Italy and for this reason we offer in our online showcase the best products that our land gives us. In this area we will talk about typical Umbrian sauces and condiments of high quality that give that touch of liveliness, vivacity and flavor to each dish. All the products are derived from the craftsmanship that provides the maximum attention in the selection of raw materials, aiming at the needs of the buyer. Everyone can be skilled chefs and with the products of our land it is easier to churn out dishes and dishes with a sophisticated but natural taste thanks to our sauces and our condiments.

Truffle flavored oils

Truffle oil is a typical ingredient of the Umbrian land capable of giving an original, exotic and refined taste to every dish. In our online showcase white and black summer truffle oils of great value are available. The truffle in fact grows only in certain areas and in particular environmental conditions, so it is a product so refined and appreciated in the kitchen. Depending on the truffle, white or black, you can use flavored oils for the preparation of both first and second courses.

White truffle oil is an excellent seasoning for:

  • risotto;
  • noodles;
  • mushroom salads;
  • delicious dishes.

The black truffle flavored oil is the ideal condiment for:

  • pasta;
  • bruschetta;
  • cut.

Black summer truffle in jar

Another typical Umbrian excellence is the fresh black truffle that ripens from November to March in the areas of Norcia, Valnerina, the Trevi mountains and Subasio. Its size can vary between 2 and 8 centimeters and is characterized by a black and wrinkled bark. Inside, the color goes from black to purple with subtle white veins. At the table it is very appreciated for its intense aroma and its unique and unmistakable flavor.

The fresh black truffle fits perfectly with:

  • bruschetta;
  • pasta;
  • rice;
  • eggs;
  • stuffed.

Truffled sauce

The truffle sauce has its roots in the Umbrian peasant tradition and comes from the union of champignon mushrooms, black summer truffle and extra virgin olive oil. The mushroom and truffle sauce represents a true excellence that adds a touch of flavor and personality to each dish, guaranteeing a strong, robust and surprising final taste. Truffled sauce is much appreciated in the kitchen for its ease and speed of use. It can be cooked without adding any ingredients because it already has a very strong taste, but if necessary it also goes well with extra virgin olive oil, butter and parmesan.

The mushroom and truffle sauce is perfect for:

  • fettuccine;
  • noodles;
  • risotto;
  • toast;
  • pizzas;
  • roast trout;
  • meat and fish seconds.

Porcini mushroom cream with white truffle

Porcini mushroom cream with white truffle is a highly prized condiment that comes from the combination of autumnal boletus, bianchetto truffle and white truffle. This mix of flavors gives life to a sweet, lively and sophisticated cream that enhances and ennobles every dish. Mushrooms and truffles are carefully selected by skilled hands and eyes to guarantee an excellent, genuine and natural final taste. The cream is extremely versatile in the kitchen because it can be consumed both at room temperature and heated.

The use of porcini mushroom cream with white truffle is indicated for:

  • bruschetta;
  • pastas;
  • pappardelle;
  • noodles.

Bianchetto truffle cream and cheese

The bianchetto truffle and cheese cream allows you to rediscover sensations and aromas that evoke the charm of culinary art and brings to the table the natural and original flavors of the Umbrian land. The main ingredient of the cream is the bianchetto truffle, harvested between winter and spring and characterized by a lively, spicy and garlicky aroma. The mix is ​​complemented by absolutely natural cow's milk without any chemical product.

The bianchetto truffle and cheese cream enhances the preparation of:

  • toast;
  • pappardelle;
  • noodles;
  • butter dishes;
  • scallops;
  • sandwiches;
  • pizzas.

We at Agricola Locci carefully monitor the use of ingredients and the production of the various products that we will put in our online showcase, acting as guarantor for the quality and authenticity of creams, sauces and condiments. Every taste of our products is equivalent to a gastronomic tour in our lands, where the ingredients grow naturally kissed by the sun and nourished by the winds, rains and mild temperatures of our area.