Oil Selection Number 6
  • Oil Selection Number 6
Selection number 6 oil in a 750 ml metal bottle
  • Selection number 6 oil in a 750 ml metal bottle

Oil Selection Number 6

Number 6 Selection is an extra virgin olive oil obtained by harvesting and processing the 6 olive qualities present in our company. The harvest and milling takes place for 6 days between October and November, in which each day is dedicated to a single cultivar, working them individually and then mixing them to create a unique, complex and elegant oil.

Data sheet

Harvest season
Season 2020
Harvest location
Giano dell’Umbria (PG)
Average altitude
500 mt slm
Harvesting system
Harvest period
end of October
Extraction process
continuous cycle
Olive varieties
Moraiolo - San Felice - Frantoio - Leccino - Pendolino - Tendellone
green with soft golden hues
Medium fruity
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Oil Selection Number 6

Numero 6 is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from selected olives from 6 qualities present in our farm:

  • Moraiolo
  • San Felice
  • Crusher
  • Leccino
  • Pendolino
  • Awning

These 6 qualities of olives are harvested separately in 6 different days in our land in Giano dell'Umbria and are promptly processed in our oil mill, exclusively cold.

Each processing in the mill adapts to the quality of the olive. At the end of the 6 days, 6 different types of extra virgin olive oil will be obtained, which after several tasting sessions, are blended, to create a unique oil of its kind, elegant and versatile.

Numero 6 has heady aromas, with herbaceous and floral tones, with an interesting balance on the palate.

Its elegance makes it versatile both for cooking preparations and for embellishing the aromatic bouquet of dishes using it raw.

Data sheet:

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 ml:

Energy: 3389KJ - 824Kcal; Fat: 92g, of which saturated: 14g; Carbohydrates: 0g; of which sugars: 0g; Proteins: 0g; Salt: 0g; Vitamin E: 15mg.

Keep away from sources of light and heat.

Oil Produced and bottled at: Agricola Locci - Via Case Basse 55, 06030 Giano dell'Umbria (PG) ITALY

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