Soft Wheat Flour Type 2|Agricola Locci
  • Soft Wheat Flour Type 2|Agricola Locci
Type 2 soft wheat flour pack of 1 kg
  • Type 2 soft wheat flour pack of 1 kg

Soft Wheat Flour Type 2
Agricola Locci

Type 2 soft wheat flour made from stone-ground soft wheat according to the ancient Umbrian peasant tradition. 100% Umbrian wheat grown and processed in our Umbria region.

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Agricola Locci soft wheat flours is indicated for a healthy and proper diet. They are able to absorb the water dough, they have the typical aroma of wheat and a higher percentage of fibre and salt minerals that greatly increase the nutritional value and its digestibility. Ideals for pizza, pasta, bread and cakes. Agricola Locci soft wheat flours are available in the variant type 1 and type 2; this product is in the variant type 2.

Data sheet:

Average nutritional values ​​per 100g of product:
Energy: 1426Kj - 341Kcal; Fats: 1g, of which saturated 0.11g; Carbohydrates: 76.2g; of which sugars: 1.8g; Fiber: 2.9g; Protein: 11.5g; Salt: 2mg; Water: 6.1g.
Humidity Ref: 15.50%

Food subject to natural weight loss. To be kept in a cool and dry place. Not suitable for celiac nutrition.


Produced and packaged for Agricola Locci at: Fraz. Protte di Spoleto 38, 06049 Spoleto (PG) ITALY

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